“50% of Americans polled falsely believe in Iraq WMDs” reads an article in the local red state rag under an AP byline by Charles J. Hanley. [ link here ].

Is this a knuckle-headed country or what? C’mon, those dopey TV ads where overweight empty-headed Americans shake it up — oblivious to their very public surroundings — while holding a cellphone to their ear, in celebration of a hometown sports team’s victory, begin to make sense. Why worry, be happy! No that’s not right either. Folks with no worries would not hold opinions one way or the other, no cares. This is seriously delusional, this is let’s drink the kool-aid time. This is, we back the wholesale destruction of another culture, without rationale, but we better grab a false justification — any port in a storm — just don’t make us question the source of our trust.

This is also about, a decent god-fearing society whose leaders could not deceive us about events so important as war. Right? Please…? And if they must lie, we don’t want to know about it. Let us dance our little victory dance for our winning team, unaware of any reality outside our own sheltered world. Ain’t life just peachy.

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