My starboard friends are becoming frantic as the enrollment for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) draws near. Wishing for a program to go away that was argued successfully, legislated in Congress and adjudicated before the Supreme Court seems the height of denial, but never let it be said that the rabid right holds reasonableness close to their cold hearts. More like a drowning man clutching for a life preserver than a student seeking understanding, one Obamacare hater asks some late questions.

One favorite:
“If the ACA is so good, why are Congressmen (or fill in some other niche group) not signing up?”

This question misses the point of the health care mandate, which is to insure those who are not insured at present. Secondly, by requiring all health care insurance providers to meet certain standards, even those who already carry health insurance, realize extended benefits of coverage such as, umbrellas for children until age 26, no exclusions for pre-existing conditions and no maximum payout for continuing health care problems. These universal protections cannot be overstated, especially before the freedom-first crowd.

Another question equally misinformed:
“Why are some groups being issued waivers or exclusions?”

This runs to the heart of opposition to the Affordable Care Act. Show that some groups escape compliance, proves ordinary folks carry a burden, while special interests catch a bye. No so however. Waivers do exist under the ACA, but exclusions allow large companies time to meet mandates prescribed under the ACA. And these exemptions are temporary, not long term opt-outs. Universal coverage means just that, and everyone shares healthcare costs and benefits in the long term.

Some opponents claim that worker’s unions and others friendly to the Administration are receiving special considerations, but this appears to be vicious rumor without facts to support their accusations. Easy to believe, hard to prove. See <this> and <this>. Also, like most lies, they are old arguments under heavy cycle. (Complaints from 2010 when passage just occurred and information was scarce among the general public.)

A more pernicious rumor in the guise of a question:
“What happened to the $2500 decrease we were promised under Obamacare?”

Context is king here. $2500.00 sticks in the minds of those focused on the money. What was really said, a comprehensive national health care bill when passed, will save American families $2500.00 a year over doing nothing and watching rampant increases continue in health care costs. Debatable? Of course. But moderating health care costs, have already reduced national debt projections. In part, this reduction can be attributed to Obamacare. We can hope these predictions play out, for the sake of all Americans.

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  1. MAB says:

    You couldn’t be more succinct and clearer. My own experience through these nebulous days of change has been the chronic deafness to facts that is permeating opponents to this basic program of decency and kindness to the ill. Once again, it is the sense of sinning against a revered, exclusive ideology that shuts off discourse. Such beliefs do not lend themselves to change or even self-reflection. But history eventually is harsh with spinners of myths and fallacies, and will have the tree come down when blown up at the roots.

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