Glen Beck, the other day, mentioned the holocaust museum shooting as proof that “there is a mentality in our enemies, our country is now vulnerable, this kind of stuff is now coming”. The reason for this tempest says Beck-o, “it’s the economy, it is political correctness, it’s corruption in Washington, it’s the militant Islam”. Maybe it’s monsters under the bed. This eclectic collection of boogie-men offers a grab bag of everything scary, triggering the Beck-ster’s chicken little act, as he plays to the heart of his fan base.

OK, so what sort of reaction does Beck expect from such fear-mongering? People who nod in agreement with Glen-boy have a choice, either cower in fear and forfeit their personal liberties under the protection of a strong-arm government (the preferred response during the Republican reign of W), or saddle up for Armageddon and the ensuing epic violence (the tacit direction advocated following Democratic election victories). For it’s easy to be a manly Republican, making the hard choices as only real men do… when your thoughts are no longer even considered as policy.

So the outrage remains constant for these pot stirrers, no matter which political party brokers power. Glen speaks of America as a “boiling pot” so the analogy fits exactly. What cooks in the kettle, depends on party affiliation of the current administration. When Republicans are in charge it is appropriate to kneel to military authority. Give Democrats the helm, and these blowhards advocate individual resistance to perceived national threats, because, well, their ideas are no longer driving the government bus.

Can it be any clearer? In dispute is not whether our country faces a menace. The real issue is which political party holds power, and how best to incite a rabble’s response. Pompous asses like Glen Beck point to domestic hate crime as anticipated anger directed at the usual suspects when our country comes under attack. When in truth, violence prone hate perpetrators, killers of abortion doctors or museum security guards, draw all the feedback they require from sanctimonious right-wing commentators, like Glen Beck.

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