Clogs – Last Song

Clogs – I Used to Do

The latest release by ClogsThe Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton is the fifth full-length album from this internationally acclaimed foursome since 2001. A mostly Australian post-rock instrumental band with mid-Western American influence, clogs are hard to peg. Their musical style remains in flux from one concept album to the next — all impeccably wrought by musicians skilled and well trained.

It was upon hearing the first sample song above, that the connection between The National and Clogs became clear to this listener. Duh. Of course the essential link is Bryce Dessner , who with Padma Newsome (Australia) provide the core of Clogs. While Bryce and his brother Aaron (Cincinnati, OH), joined up with Matt Berninger and Scott Devendorf (Brooklyn, NY) to later form the National.

Clogs have a more symphonic sound and predate the inception of the National. Some say Rachel’s set the table for the ensemble of multiple strings which provides a baseline sound for Clogs. However, Rachel’s is a more classical almost a baroque style of music. Ten years after, Clogs stretch their Indie wings in the 21st century. For 2010 Clogs holds more gravity than the National, with …Lady Walton a tightly written, emotional powerhouse. While the latest the National offering, High Violet seems somber and subdued in comparison. Enjoy. The second sample cut above is vintage Clogs.

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