So the general population now thinks the war in Iraq is a mistake. We can no longer justify the deaths of our sons and daughters in this foreign land that we occupy. And what of the escalating national debt — how will we pay for this war? When will Congress respond with fiscal responsibility, rejecting tax breaks for those already sufficiently well off? Are we now a nation which condones torture? What of murder of innocents, like those in the Iraqi village of Haditha — is not genocide one of the supporting arguments for disposing of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein? We hear of secret US sponsored prison camps where people — combatants, suspected terrorists, whoever — are held without standards of due process. Still we thank God for the protection afforded our own inalienable rights — until these defenses also fall under attack, as security concerns provide justification for warrant-less spying granted by those elected or appointed to guard not dilute our freedoms.

While corrosive attempts to dismantle social safeguards legislated over the past eight decades — often in favor of corporate interests, continues — a Republican administration and congress, accused broadly and repeatedly of corruption, cronyism and gross incompetence — schemes to deflect scandalous inquiries with debate upon burning issues of the day — same sex marriage.

When these fear-mongers lose the confidence and respect of most constituents, they rally their faithful rabid base — in this case, homophobic christianist wingnuts. By proffering a constitutional amendment that both curtails individual rights and promotes social inequality, this Republican regime has again sought means to curb personal freedom and enhance institutional authority. Friends, this is the foundation of fascism. As Sinclair Lewis wrote in 1935, “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag, and carrying a cross.”

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