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Another little something wafting through the blog-o-sphere like influenza at a daycare center. This gem shines forth like a ruby in the muck. It’s the story of a poor black woman growing up and making good. And now that success smiles on her life, she chooses to disassociate herself from the riff-raft of her youth.

How wonderful for the heartless, money-grubbing Republicans looking for anyone not white, upper-middle class, and male to carry the torch for blatant greed. Fortunately for us, these monsters always have an Achilles heel, and this corporate shill glows from the largest common denominator among the conservative class — rampant Christian religiosity. Who are we speaking of: one Star Parker — an outspoken social conservative of biblical proportions, running for Congress out California way.

Of course there is a vile trail of email slime spreading the conniving thoughts of this power seeking admirer of R.J. Rushdoony, the father of Christian Reconstruction-ism. She hardly notices the hypocrisy of a self-proclaimed four-time abortion seeker preaching “right-to-life” gospel. Nor do fundamentalist Christianists blink twice at her condemnation of wealth-distribution for the benefit of the poor, as “a violation of scripture” from an “admitted product of the welfare state“. Coming from someone who owes her early life to the generosity of the welfare state, this woman can still belittle those less fortunate. She has no shame.

No, now that good luck (and hard work), have blessed her life with success, Ms. Parker declares her property, money, and taxes “mine“, while she accused the “religious left” of “socialism” for working to end poverty. What chutzpah. Only tone-deaf Republican ears could tune out the deceitfulness of this power hungry individual and focus on the selfish message of looking out for number one and only number one.

It shows how little intellectual honesty blooms in the self-aggrandizing, fact-free environment of the religious right and their corporate sponsored lackeys. That someone with such little regard for the most lamentable among us, can be touted as an example for the rest of us to follow, only shows the depth of depravity of your garden-variety Republican.

Pathetic is too noble a term.

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