Bluetech – Holding Space

Evan Marc, aka Evan Barthalomew, aka Evan Bluetech, releases another ambient, dub-step, down-tempo, chill offering with the release of The Divine Invasion.

Hailing from Hawaii and creating Psytrance or Psybient tracks commercially since 2003, Bluetech melds a laid-back synthesized island mindset with a tight tempo-driving force and the perfect reflex for how to next dub the music. Subtle without the drag of boredom. Soothing, yet with a jolt of current — reminiscent of a tall cup of Kona coffee, Bluetech segues seamlessly from one sound-scape into the next — then back again.

Visit Marc’s Bluetech website for his latest FREE EP offering: Call of the Wild. While you download, make a small donation if you are able. Oh yeah, and his mom took the album photos. Hell yeah!

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