The presumptive GOP candidate for President of the United States (POTUS) has verbally stumbled more than a few times this election cycle. Perhaps a senior citizen’s impatience with others, forged from years of experience, powers these mistakes. Blunders of age though, cannot satisfactorily explain the extent of these public gaffes. Maybe we are witness to the infamous temper of J. Sidney McCain. If so, how many more faux pas can this candidate sustain before a deja vu of surrealistic proportion shoots down the Republican presidential nominee again.

The other day in Denver, saw a McCain pander to the base of epic dimension. This might not be the last nail in John McSame’s political coffin, but it could be sufficient to seal the final deal. For in steering a hard right course, the Republican Senator offended nearly all demographic sides.

  • Start with a rabid wish to continue an unpopular and very expensive war,
  • Season with a desire to extend tax cuts which overwhelmingly favor the extremely well off,
  • And finally, pay for this mess by cutting entitlement programs such as, social security and medicare/medicaid.

If that’s not a half-baked recipe for political suicide, packed with dangerous ideas easily understood by both the young and the old, I don’t know what is. And for dessert, promise to balance the budget by 2013. (That should make even the most sour-faced Republican laugh).

Give J. Sidney McCain points for humor, he has earned it. And all because of the need to mouth tired old conservative talking points, without a shred of evidence, without any hard figures to back these worn out Republican memes. Pure quackery. Complete fiction.

  • Cut taxes (no matter that wealthy folks reap most of the bounty),
  • Curtail entitlement programs (a head-nod to racist fervor rampant among the wingnut base),
  • And more war (no matter the cost in blood and treasure).

G.W. Bush may be a lame duck, but Senator McCain walks and talks like a political dead duck.

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