Bowerbirds – The Ticonderoga

Bowerbirds – Beneath Your Tree

I am a sucker for anyone who jams with an accordion — especially a woman. That is what we have here with Bowerbirds. The first cut is from their Hymn for a Dark Horse introductory CD. The second cut is from their newest album: Upper Air.

Beth Tacular of Raleigh, North Carolina and Phil Moore (with an upstate New York sound and accent) meld into a alt-folk ensemble, formidable and enduring. Their song writing is prolific and rapid, what with Hymn for a Dark Horse released in 2007 and their follow up album, Upper Air out in 2009.

Dark Horse is more a focus upon Phil Moore, with Upper Air the beginning introduction of Beth Tacular’s intense airy vocals. Mixed together they create a magic worth a listen. Enjoy.

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