Fanfarlo – Drowning Men

I have a weakness for Roma-esque European alt-folk music employing violin, mandolin — and dare I say — trumpet, my axe of choice – (must be the gypsy in me). With a sound reminiscent of Arcade Fire covering David Byrne (if the shoe fits), oozing a melange of multi-part vocals — Simon Balthazar, a Swedish musician performs as Fanfarlo.

Based out of London, this indie-band (what else) of the 21st century trips lazily along without any hesitation. Emitting evocative waves of upbeat emotion, original in its format. Clean, simple, accessible — no holds bared. Recorded fall of 2009 on the east coast USA, Fanfarlo has a fresh sound worth a listen.

Highly recommended. Nothing to lose. Color me sold. Not a bad cut in the mix. Enjoy.

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